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Robin Hood 702, the mysterious gambler who hands money to poor families, will be picking up the check to feed the homeless and less fortunate at three Rescue Missions.

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Robin Hood 702 and his Merry Men will be picking up the check to feed the homeless and less fortunate at ALL 3 Rescue Missions below.

One of his NEW Merry Men,
Gunter Wilhelm will also be providing each of the 3 Rescue Missions with thousands of dollars worth of exclusive high end Cutlery and Cookware.

Check out the Cutlery and Cookware at

Robin will also be bringing his Fryars (not Friars) to help cook the meal.

Chef Guy Mitchell
Guest Chef at the White House and Vice President's Residence
Fryar Guy was also Executive Chef at Montauk Yacht Club where he cooked regularly for David Rockefeller and his frequent high level guests and celebrities.

Chef Claude Le-Tohic
Executive Chef of Joel Robuchon Restaurant in Las Vegas.
Joel Robuchon is one of the finest restaurants in the world.
Fryar Claude has cooked from everyone from President of France to Celine Dion.

Fryar Guy and Fryar Claude will be cooking for the homeless and less fortunate, instead of President's of countries and the world's elite .
How great is that !!!

Here are the dates.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission
Wednesday November 27th

The LA Midnight Mission
Thursday November 28th
Thanksgiving Day

The NY Rescue Mission
Wednesday December 25th
Christmas Day

Let's give support to these Rescue Missions who feed thousands of less fortunate everyday 365 days a year.